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About BCSF SledSafe Courses

A BCSF SledSafe program should be your first step towards a lifetime of responsible riding. As the industry leader in BC, the BCSF supports a team of highly qualified, licensed contract instructors to deliver our programs throughout the province. Course providers must meet minimum requirements for insurance, regulatory, and program delivery quality to ensure students receive the best learning experience possible. No matter what your age, level of expertise, time commitment, or riding needs may be, there is a SledSafe program to enhance your skills.

Sled Safe Industrial Operator Course

The BCSF Sled Safe Industrial Operators course is a two-day program providing hands-on experiential training, with emphasis on safety and regulatory requirements for operating a snowmobile in the BC workplace. At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Employ techniques to minimize risk while operating a snowmobile
  • Recognize machine components and their use
  • Demonstrate safe riding techniques
  • Apply strategies for managing terrain and conditions

Students will receive a certificate of completion valid for three years upon successful completion of the program. 




BCSF Sled Safe Online Safety Course

The BCSF Sled Safe Online Safety Course is an online resource developed to assist recreational riders gain the skills and awareness required for safe operation of their machine in BC. The course uses a combination of award-winning videos, realistic illustrations, and interactive animations to teach essential safe snowmobiling practices. Students can progress at their own pace through the six learning units: 

  • Preparing to Ride
  • Riding your Snowmobile
  • Improving Your Riding
  • Riding Safety & Responsibly
  • Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Observing Snowmobile Laws in BC

The course uses responsive website design so students can complete it anywhere, on any device that connects to the internet. 

Upon completion, you will be able to immediately print an online course completion document. 



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