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Take an Online Snowmobile Course Today!

There are over 600,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada and the average snowmobiler rides 2,900 km per year, according to the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association. That means a lot of people out enjoying the trails—and also means a lot of risk.

One way to be safer while riding is to complete the Official British Columbia Snowmobile Safety course online at The course, approved by the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, uses a combination of award-winning videos, realistic illustrations, and interactive animations to teach essential safe snowmobiling practices.

It’s free to study, covering lessons on pre-season maintenance, basic riding skills, recognizing avalanche areas, practicing courteous trail etiquette, and the laws of snowmobile operation in British Columbia. 

“It is our hope that snowmobile riders will both enjoy our course and learn these critical safety skills,” said Mitch Strobl, Vice President of Kalkomey, which produces Snowmobile Ed. “By making students safer, we ensure that snowmobiling can remain an exciting way to embrace the outdoors all winter long.”

The course is divided into six units, and students can progress at their own pace—when you log out, the course remembers your place. Snowmobile Ed uses responsive website design so students can complete the course anywhere, on any device that connects to the internet. 

After students pass the course, they’ll be able to immediately print an online course completion document. Though British Columbia doesn’t officially require a course, other provinces do require education, and some insurance brokers offer discounts if riders have completed education. Additionally, students who complete the online course at Snowmobile Ed will be better prepared for the risks and dangers associated with snowmobiling. 

NOTICE- Worker Safety

The BCSF Online Snowmobile Safe Operator course provides basic knowledge about snowmobile operation for recreationists in British Columbia. The British Columbia Snowmobile Ed Course does not meet the requirements of WorkSafeBC as a sole training resource for certification of workers using a snowmobile in the workplace. The BC Snowmobile Federation offers a separate BCSF Industrial Snowmobile Operator Course, and you can find a course calendar or instructors in the menu above.